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Fraud  and Risk Detection
•Out of Bounds Transaction Discovery
•Ability to Identify real-time transactions standard deviations and means against historical data
•Identify Fraudsters within a geography area analyzing geocodes and customer data
•Identify outliers for Data Scientists that need to be analyzed to avoid reporting skewed data results
•Analyze IoT (example Utility Customer) transactions and discovery excessive usage from theft of utility
•Identify area Utility Outages if usage goes down to zero
•Assist businesses in the inventory management and maintenance scheduling for assets
Social Media
Detect Social Media Outlier Data
New Topics

Data Scientists
•Improved Efficiency
•Greatly improved Time to Value - Ease of implementation using the BDR preconfigured VM without having any Hadoop knowledge
•Allow Data Scientists to use their repository of analytics finding developed with other products
•Pro-actively isolate, assign via workflow and quickly arrive at a disposition for identified patterns
•Analyze past isolated patterns to detect smaller issues which aggregate into larger ones
•Identify offenders associated with the creation and lack of remediation of identified patterns
•Secured analysis of the results of personal rules (ie, compliance rules), global rules and regularly scheduled
There many Stakeholders in companies who can benefit from Big Data Revealed other than just Data Scientist for similar business applications as data scientists.  Their primary benefit is improved efficiency and trustworthiness of results.
BDR Deep Learning provides Email Context, Summarization and Data Tags
BDR Deep Learning provides Email, Resume, and RTF, Context, Summarization, and Descriptive Data Tags
Enables probabilistic searching for tags and summaries
Highlights and Displays Results
Access Detailed Data, Assign Tasks and Print