University and Student offering

Emerging software company BigDataRevealed commits to providing academic institutions, university and college students free software.  BigDataRevealed modular software enables students to learn how to achieve greater big data insight by providing outlier and compliance discovery, correlation coefficients, data completeness, integrity and discovery. This unique software that supports big data analytics is free to students, instructors and academic institutions In the United States.

“The world of big data and analytics is growing rapidly, and we need a workforce ready to understand how to use software that shortens the time to value and provides the lowest total cost of ownership (TCS) for complex big data discovery.   By supporting the Hadoop ecosystem and providing free professional data discovery modules; students, faculty members and academic institutions in the United States, we’re helping student researchers, interns and graduate students to add more value to the global business community when they enter the workforce” said Gary Porter, Vice President Sales and Alliances.  Our current plan is to expand the free software program worldwide after the adoption and assimilation of HadoopRevealed by a significant base of U.S. universities and colleges in 2016.
HadoopRevealed supports a variety of practical use cases that are important to business and industry.  Students who learn how to optimize HadoopRevealed will be much better prepared to enter the workforce and immediately contribute to their employer.  Some examples of the core results that HadoopRevealed can deliver to business are:
  1. Detect human errors and fraud
  2. Discover seasonal or unknown sales and activity trends
  3. Determine what price points increase sales while protecting margins
  4. Understand the impact that one machine has on another across an entire manufacturing process
  5. Discover bad data and incomplete data that results in skewed analytics
  6. Discover anomalies in data prior to data being added to a Big Data lake
  7. Support the Internet of Things (IoT) by providing real-time data analytics and discovery
  8. Flexible and agile implementation, HadoopRevealed is delivered as callable modules that integrate into existing business process flows and/or as a complete application with a technical and administrative graphical interface
Contact: Steven Meister 847-791-7838